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Possibilities Trends

While Possibility is an endless term, our color stylists from around the world collaborated to form the overarching idea behind the four new palettes – setting the tone for the entire year ahead. While technology has undoubtedly become an inevitable component of daily life, each of the four themes personifies technology in its own unique way, and each trend shines with Possibility.

Good Life uncovers our maximum possible harmony between the man-made and the natural environment. By emphasizing an earthen spirit and a respect for simplicity, consumers are often drawn to items that are suggestive of “roughing it.” Good Life is abundant in materials that have a natural quality and rough look, like reclaimed wood, gently-pummeled leather and braided wicker. The color palette includes earthy naturals, like soil- and rust-colored browns, quiet whites and softened, clay-colored pinks.


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