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Residential Exterior Paint

Manor Hall® Exterior Paint

Available in Flat, Eggshell, and Semi-Gloss

This product features ManorShield® technology to provide extraordinary durability with its proprietary urethane formula.

PPG Seal Grip® Stain Killing Primer

This workhorse stain-blocking interior/exterior primer has the adhesion capability and versatility to work on almost all interior and exterior surfaces. It’s fast drying, water-based, and tough on water, ink, or tannin stains.


Available in Flat, Satin and Semi-Gloss

SPEEDHIDE Exterior 100% Acrylic Latex is a durable, 100% acrylic exterior paint designed for new and repaint applications where durability and ease of application are most important in both the commercial and multifamily markets. This less than low VOC* paint provides excellent flow and leveling, very good hide and coverage and has excellent resistance to mildew on the paint film.

Sun Proof® Exterior Latex Stains

Available in Toner, Semi-Transparent, and Solid Color

The unique performance of this product is due to the state-of-the-art acrylic/oil structure of the resin, in which an alkyd core is encapsulated within an acrylic shell. The two-stage dry mechanism provides excellent open time, lap resistance, and stability, and allows the oil to penetrate deep into the wood while leaving a protective acrylic shell. SUN PROOF Acrylic/Oil stains can be applied to slightly damp or dry wood.

The Kasparian Difference

We have a knowledgeable sales force dedicated to recommending only the appropriate products that will perform in the manner in which you would expect them to.

Because we are locally owned, we add the personal touch to your project that the “Big Box” stores do not. We don’t want to “just sell you paint,” we would like to become your paint supplier!

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