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The Wooster Brush Company is known as one of the most innovative manufacturers of paint applicators and equipment. Wooster makes paintbrushes and roller covers, roller frames and extension poles, buckets and surface prep tools. At Kasparian’s Paint Center, we carry a large selection of Wooster products, but we must admit, the Wooster Extension Poles are our favorite Wooster item. The Sherlock line of Extension Poles are rugged, durable, lightweight and best of all they are extremely high-performance painting tools. Wooster Extension Poles allow you to paint hard to reach surfaces with spectacularly uniform results.

When it comes to providing our customers with the best quality paint applicators, tools, dropcloths, and general painting supplies, Kasparian’s is proud to recommend the Allpro® Brand. No other brand covers every aspect of painting supplies and sundries so thoroughly as the Allpro® Brand. Products that are so good they’ve been named ALLPRO® for over 30 years.

Whether you are looking for the highest quality brushes, roller sleeves, rollers, scrapers, painters tape, caulking guns and caulk, deck sprayers, extension poles, worklights, pressure washers, or Spray Equipment, Allpro® and Kasparian’s Paint Center have you covered!

If you’re looking for the highest quality and variety in painting supplies and sundries, one name stands out.  ALLPRO® .  For over 30 years, they’ve been the most trusted name in the industry.  Which probably explains why so many pros rely on ALLPRO® and Kasparian’s Paint Center.  You should too!

3M™ Hand Masker™ Kit M3000KML

3M™ Pre-Folded Masking Film

3M Stikit Gold 6" D/A Sandpaper Disks

Corona Red-Gold™ Nylon/Polyester Blend

ScotchBlue™ Multi-Surface 2090 Tape

Homax Products

Gemini Coatings

Deft Finishes

Saman Wood Stain

Zar Wood Stain

Graco Spray Equipment

The Kasparian Difference

We have a knowledgeable sales force dedicated to recommending only the appropriate products that will perform in the manner in which you would expect them to.

Because we are locally owned, we add the personal touch to your project that the “Big Box” stores do not. We don’t want to “just sell you paint,” we would like to become your paint supplier!

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