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Surreal Real

The Earth represents all that is logical, tangible and knowable. Through discovery and observation, it creates the world we know. We all share this knowledge through our vast store of accumulated, collective experiences.  The Sky represents our aspirations. Just as we need to breathe, we need to dream. This dream-like fi eld is full of the magical, exciting and surprising aspects of life. The Wonderland and Avatar palettes illustrate the creative side of things. Wonderland stands for our dreams of harmony; Avatar stands for our dreams of adventure.

The word ôindieö has come to represent fresh thinking and cutting edge creativity, as in indie rock bands and indie films. Our design story takes the name Indie as a reference to industry and the designs it influences. The Indie color range is a carpenterÆs palette of railway blues, painted browns, and engineerÆs green. Silhouettes are simplified, referencing the earliest versions of designs. Indie materials are sturdy, honest classics: leather, wood, metal.

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The Kasparian Difference

We have a knowledgeable sales force dedicated to recommending only the appropriate products that will perform in the manner in which you would expect them to.

Because we are locally owned, we add the personal touch to your project that the “Big Box” stores do not. We don’t want to “just sell you paint,” we would like to become your paint supplier!

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