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The Light Years

In order to interpret the spirit of the future, we are presenting four emerging trends –  Prana, Stratagy, Modern Artisan, & Color Delight. These archetypes illustrate the expression of the different styles and colors of the new paradigms we all live in.

Prana is a reaction to violence, the calming antidote to our accelerated, stress-filled lives. Prana connects to the breath and the peace it brings. It is the horizon and the blue summer sky. It is all around you at night when you take the time to look at the stars. Prana is curves and flowing lines that are conducive to a peaceful rhythm of life. The ambience is airy, romantic, fluid, reflective and always elegant. It showcases a collection of precious objects chiseled and ornamented.

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The Kasparian Difference

We have a knowledgeable sales force dedicated to recommending only the appropriate products that will perform in the manner in which you would expect them to.

Because we are locally owned, we add the personal touch to your project that the “Big Box” stores do not. We don’t want to “just sell you paint,” we would like to become your paint supplier!

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